Haneke Wins Palme d’Or

Michael HanekeMichael Haneke, the Austrian filmmaker and darling of the Cannes film festival won the Palme d’Or for his latest film, “The White Ribbon” and no one seems to be  acknowledging the giant elephant in the room. Isabelle Huppert, the President of the jury this year, was the leading lady in two of Haneke’s previous movies and obviously has a close relationship with him  (a conflict of interest I pointed out when the official lineup was announced). But maybe it’s just that no one cares. After all, the director is a major heavyweight in arthouse cinema and has a wide following around the world. If you ever glance at my list of all time favorite films, you’ll immediately notice that I’m a part of that following. Whether or not the jury’s decision was swayed by its less than objective President, I’m happy to see Haneke awarded what’s arguably the most prestigious prize for an achievement in filmmaking. Hopefully, “The White Ribbon” lives up to it.


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One Response to “Haneke Wins Palme d’Or”

  1. marc Says:

    This is really nothing new at Cannes, although this case is more blatant than most. Usually the head of the jury plays a huge role in what films get awarded prizes. When Wim Wenders has the head in 89, he not surprisingly gave the Palme d’Or to Soderbergh’s “sex, lies and videotape”, a film very much to his taste, and bypassed the far superior (in my and many others opinion), “Do the Right Thing”. In 94, Clint Eastwood gave the award to “Pulp Fiction” over “Red”, again not a shock that Eastwood would favor Tarantino over Kieslowski. The list could go on and on. These awards are as contingent on these contextual factors as the Oscars.

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