Drag Yourself to the Nearest Movie Theatre

Drag Me to Hell


Directed by: Sam Raimi

Release Date: In Theatres Everywhere June 11

Before becoming indelibly assocated with the Spider Man franchise, Sam Raimi was famous for his gratuitous depictions of zombies being beheaded and dismembered (often by chainsaw) in “The Evil Dead” (1981). His latest film, “Drag Me to Hell,” about a bank employee who denies an old gypsie woman a loan on her house and subsequently finds herself haunted by demons, marks a return to his roots. While it’s sure to deliver some serious grossout scenes, it won’t really compare to the filmmaker’s early B-movies – it’s rated PG-13.


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2 Responses to “Drag Yourself to the Nearest Movie Theatre”

  1. Bobby McGill Says:

    PG-13. Hell yeah!

  2. Bobby McGill Says:

    By the way. I am Managing Editor of Busan Haps. Would be nice to put a movie review in the next issue space permitting. Drop me a line busanhaps@gmail.com we can talk more about it.


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