Cormac McCarthy Novel Takes the Road to Hollywood


Directed by: John Hillcoat

Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pierce, Charlize Theron

Release Date: January 7 (in theatres everywhere)

Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” is one of the greatest novels of the last decade. With little action, dialogue, or plot development, however, it hardly lends itself to a Hollywood movie adaption. I can’t say I’m not skeptical – particularly about leaving such good source material in the hands of John Hillcoat, a director who has yet to earn his stripes – but I’m also curious to see how McCarthy’s bleak vision of post-apocalyptic America translates to the silver screen.


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One Response to “Cormac McCarthy Novel Takes the Road to Hollywood”

  1. Robert E Kelly Says:

    It’s so bleak, you want to jump out the window. Not nearly as good as “No Country.” Mortensen carries it, but the kid whines so much, he grates the nerves.

    Also, the end is a cop-out. (Spoiler ahead) Deus ex machina, a nice family arrives to take in the lonely helpless kid. But the drive of the story is that the kid will be cannibalized without his father, and that therefore he should kill himself with the gun his father gave him for exactly that purpose. If a major Hollywood film had ended with a boy committing suicide, that guts of that filmic act alone would have made it the most important film of the year.

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