Contemporary European Film at Busan Cinematheque


Where: Busan Cinematheque

When: May 7-23

This month, the Busan Cinematheque is running a series of films by contemporary European directors. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty sad sample and most of the continent’s greatest working auteurs are conspicuously absent. Apart from the “Four Seasons” by Eric Rohmer (who, as of January, is no longer contemporary), the only film worth checking out is Bela Tarr’s “Werckmeister Harmonies.” Clocking in at a mere 2 hours and 25 minutes, it’s much less of a commitment than sitting down to watch Tarr’s other masterpiece, a 7 and a half hour beast of a movie appropriately entitled “Satantango.” Other than the obvious difference in length, both films share a unique vision of the world that translates on-screen into pure cinematic bliss. But unless you’re brave enough to gamble 8 hours of your time on one of my recommendations, I advise you to start with the considerably trimmer “Werckmeister Harmonies”.

Films With English Subtitles:

A Summer’s Tale (Eric Rohmer, 1996)

A Tale of Spring (Eric Rohmer, 1990)

Werckmeister Harmonies (Bela Tarr, 2000)

Smoking (Alain Resnais, 1993)

No Smoking (Alain Resnais, 1993)

The Secret of the Grain (Abdel Kechiche, 2007)

Games of Love and Chance (Abdel Kechiche, 2003)

Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl (Manoel de Oliveira, 2009)


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7 Responses to “Contemporary European Film at Busan Cinematheque”

  1. guest Says:

    I’ve listen you from my radio. It was nice. Have good days in Busan~

  2. David Says:

    Love the site.

    Do you have any info on whether The Housemaid or Poetry is playing anywhere with English subs?

    • Jacob Worrel Says:

      There’s a theater in Seoul that screens Korean films with English subs but unfortunately it’s really hard to find any that do so in Busan. I haven’t found any screenings of “The Housemaid” or “Poetry” with English subs.

  3. Jonathan Kelly Says:

    Absolutely love the site.

    I was wondering if there is a cinephile club in Busan that goes to the Busan Cineateque on a weekly or monthly basis.

    You’re doing a fantastic job.

    • Jacob Worrel Says:

      No, to my knowledge there is no such club and as far as I’m concerned no need for one. I feel like enough of a film-geek as it is without having to join a cinephile’s club with scheduled outings to the cinematheque. (I didn’t mean to sound patronizing, but I just wrote a cynical post about the advent of 3-D and I’m feeling very fresh tonight, sorry).

  4. Jonathan Kelly Says:

    I was just wondering if the same group of movie geeks got together got together on a regular basis to go to the Busan Cinemateque. Whenever I went there in the past I was the only westerner there and thought it would be great to have some westerners to go to the cinemateque with me.

    • Jacob Worrel Says:

      I mostly go alone too. I see other foreigners there sometimes, but none that go quite as regularly as me.

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