You’ll Never Be Starving Again

After a one year hiatus, the site will be up and running again. The regularity with which I post will depend on a variety of factors: how busy I am at my various paying jobs, readership, and, of course, if there’s anything interesting out in theaters. The post-Oscar, pre-Cannes dry spell just ended, and the summer blockbuster season has officially begun with the release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” so I’m looking forward to seeing some films. Unfortunately, no South Korean release date has been set for Terrence Malick’s cosmic, time-bending, Palme d’Or winning epic, “The Tree of Life”, and after glancing at the disappointing June schedule for the Busan Cinemateque, I know I won’t be visiting my once favorite film spot in Busan for at least a month. But, hey, it’s nice to be back in a country where the internet speed is so fast I can down***d entire films in under 10 minutes.

Some new and improved features: I added a Google Maps link to the Busan Cinematheque page, replacing the archaic one I had up previously; I also added a page with information about the Gukdo Art Cinema (for more, see next post); and I’ll now be posting dates in the Film Log page (an ever growing list of every movie I watch), so you can not only keep track of which movies I watch, and how I felt about them, but also chronicle my slow and steady journey toward cinematic zen. In other words, I’m leaving the primitive layout untouched and will mostly be covering the same sort of film fare I was before my mysterious absence.


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