Moneyball in Theaters Thursday (Wide Release)


Directed by: Bennett Miller

Starring: Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jonah Hill

Where: CGV Dongnae, CGV Busan-dae, CGV Seomyeon (near Home Plus), CGV Daehan (in Seomyeon), CGV Centum City, CGV Asiad, CGV Nampo, CGV Daeyeon

We’ve seen it a hundred times before: that hackneyed old story of a struggling sports team that gets turned around by the tough-talking, but inspirational coach and goes on to win the championship. Now, I don’t know how closely “Moneyball” fits into this mold, and how much it attempts to put its own spin on the time-worn sports drama, but given the fact that it’s already shaping up to be an Oscar contender, I figure it’s worth knocking off my ever-growing and interminable list of movies to watch.


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One Response to “Moneyball in Theaters Thursday (Wide Release)”

  1. greginbusan Says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to the movie, because the book by Michael Lewis is one of my favorites.

    The story definitely breaks the mold of the sports drama, and it’s important to note that Brad Pitt’s character is NOT the inspirational coach, but the General Manager, and his role is not to inspire the players to “do their best”. Instead, he decides to break all the rules of “managing” a baseball club and do something completely different. Spoiler alert: the A’s never win the championship.

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