Rating System

*this rating system is infallible

Anything under 30/100 = I feel cheated of my time and I’m angry – either at myself for choosing a movie at random, at whoever recommended it to me, or the filmmaker I was already familiar with and just let me down big-time.

30-40/100 = Not only bad, but annoying, whiny, angsty, gimmicky, pretentious or amateurish.

40-50/100 = Mostly bad, but not entirely. It might have one or two redeeming qualities.

50-60/100 = Mediocre. Has some notable parts but just doesn’t cut it as a whole.

60-70/100 = Good overall with some flaws.

70-80/100 = Excellent. By this point, the film either has to be close to flawlessly entertaining, deeply thought-provoking, or somewhere in between.

80-90/100 = Easily one of the best films of any given year.

90-100/100 = Tops my all time favorite films list.


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