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Moneyball in Theaters Thursday (Wide Release)

November 16, 2011


Directed by: Bennett Miller

Starring: Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jonah Hill

Where: CGV Dongnae, CGV Busan-dae, CGV Seomyeon (near Home Plus), CGV Daehan (in Seomyeon), CGV Centum City, CGV Asiad, CGV Nampo, CGV Daeyeon

We’ve seen it a hundred times before: that hackneyed old story of a struggling sports team that gets turned around by the tough-talking, but inspirational coach and goes on to win the championship. Now, I don’t know how closely “Moneyball” fits into this mold, and how much it attempts to put its own spin on the time-worn sports drama, but given the fact that it’s already shaping up to be an Oscar contender, I figure it’s worth knocking off my ever-growing and interminable list of movies to watch.