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Le Quattro Volte in Theatres Thursday (Limited Release)

October 18, 2011


Directed by: Michelangelo Frammartino

Release Date: Thursday October 20 (Limited Release)

Just when I thought I had this city all figured out, especially in terms of what it has to offer cinephiles like myself, I go and dig up an obscure independent theater that hadn’t popped up on my radar before. Housed in what’s referred to in Google Maps as the Catholic Center, the Art Theater C&C seems to be a small, one-screen movie theater along the lines of the Gukdo Art Cinema in Daeyeon. In fact, although the two theaters have some different selections, both seem to play the same kind of indie fare (domestic and international) that’s relatively hard to come by in Busan. Now, having never been there myself, I can’t guarantee that it has anything more than a projector, let alone a popcorn machine or anything else your typical multiplex has to offer. But what it does have is a selection of art-house movies you’d otherwise never get to see on the big screen, and for those of you living in the Nampo-Dong area, it beats taking the train all the way to the other side of town just to catch a flick.

Starting this Thursday, both the Art Theater C&C and the Gukdo Art Cinema will hold screenings of “Le Quattro Volte,” which won the top prize in the Director’s Fortnight sidebar competition at Cannes in 2010, and has since gone on to enjoy a successful festival run, limited distribution in movie theaters across Europe and North America, as well as widespread critical acclaim. It’s technically in Italian, but with little to no dialogue throughout the entire film, and having been praised mostly for its visuals and quiet, contemplative mood, the lack of English subtitles shouldn’t be a problem (but it’s worth noting nonetheless).

Art Theater C&C Screening Times:

Thursday October 20 at 14:10, Friday October 21 at 16:10, Saturday October 22 at 10:30, Tuesday October 25 at 14:10, Wednesday October 26 at 16:10, Saturday October 29 at 10:30, Monday October 31 at 13:40

Gukdo Art Cinema Screening Times (more screening times to be announced):

Thursday October 20 at 18:00, Friday October 21 at 15:50, Sunday October 23 at 12:10, Monday October 24 at 14:20, Tuesday October 25 at 11:50, Wednesday October 26 at 18:00, Thursday October 27 at 15:40, Friday October 28 at 14:00, Saturday October 29 at 10:00, Sunday October 30 at 18:00